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Hair Styles

The Best Hair Salon Styles For Men

Thinking of heading out to the salon? Maybe you need a haircut or maybe you want to get your locks colored, but if you’re not sure what style to ask your hairstylist to give you.

Take some inspiration from our list of the best hairstyles for men at salons. These styles are fresh and new, showing off the latest trends in the beauty industry, and they’re perfect for any man looking to amp up his look at their local hair salon!


Modern Look - French Crop

French Crop

A French crop is a short, tapered haircut that incorporates long hair on the top. This style is best for men who want to maintain the length and volume of their hair while still looking trendy.

The French crop is perfect if you are looking to make a bold statement with your hairstyle while not sacrificing your sense of style.

Modern Look - Buzzcut

Low-Maintenance Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is a men’s hairstyle where the hair is shaved short all over with no particular pattern. The sides and back of the head are usually uniform, which means it’s consistent throughout.

It can be worn as a hairstyle in its own right or it may be used to transition from a longer hairstyle (e.g., long hair) to a completely shaved head. A buzz cut is considered low maintenance and versatile enough to be worn by most people, regardless of age or sex.

Modern Look - Crew Cut

Classic Crew Cut

A crew cut is a short hairstyle that features hair that is cut to the same length all over. The hair often starts just above the eyebrows and goes down to about an inch or two over the ears.

A crew cut can be styled with a product like a pomade or wax for added texture. This style of haircut is perfect for men who want a clean, sleek look that’s easy to maintain. A truly classic look.

Modern Look - Mid Fade

Mid Fade Style

A mid-fade haircut is a great style for men who want to maintain their hair on the longer side, but want to keep it trimmed and neat.

This cut typically starts about 2 inches above the ears or from the eyebrows and goes down to about 2 inches below the top of your neck. The hair is typically tapered in length, with shorter pieces around the temples and on top of your head.

Modern Look - Comb Over

Short Comb Over Undercut

A short comb-over undercut looks great on men of all ages. It’s a cool style because it can also be styled with a bald fade and beards.

This hairstyle is a classic look that can be styled up with product, or be worn as-is.


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