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Summer brings thoughts of wind gently wisping through your hair, sand under your feet, sun in your face, with the feeling of freedom.

Boom it hits you, reality! By the end of last summer, your hair wasn’t so Insta-getic and you hated what comes with the summer vibes, frizzy, dry, brittle hair that is embarrassing. Keeping you from the poolside or soaking in the beach life.

Whether your hair is straight or curly use these summer hair tips to show off your luscious hair flowing through the air all summer long. 

1. Humidity &  Frizzy Hair ☁

Humidity will affect hair that is straight, curly, and chemically treated. Typically, people with curly or chemically treated hair have a worse effect from the summer humidity. This is because when there is more moisture in the air than your hair,  your dry hair will bond to the moisture in the air creating a frizzy mess. 

Some of your best options to combat humidity and a frizz ball effect are:

  • Whipped Shea butter
  • Keratin treatment
  • Leave-in conditioner 
  • Dry with a microfiber towel or air dry

Locking moisture into your hair is the key ingredient to less frizz. The sad truth is, even pros admit that there isn’t a totally foolproof way to completely eliminate frizz.

2. Dry Summer Heat ⛱

Dry summer heat can make your hair appear more brittle, dry and make your split ends more noticeable. The dry air strips your hair of its natural proteins and oils.

Some ways to help protect and restore your hair are:

  • Use lighter styling products
  • Keratin shampoo 
  • Deep conditioning mask- home or at the salon
  • Hair mist- like this(does she sell a product like this?)

3. Sun Exposure ☀

Your hair is just as sensitive to the sun as your skin. To keep your hair fabulous all summer long another must is to protect it from sun exposure. UV rays break down your hair cuticles giving you dry, damaged, frizzy hair. “Excessive sun exposure is the most damaging factor on the structure of your hair, with UVA rays fading color and UVB leading to breakage.

Other than not going into the sun, the next best options to protect your hair is: 

  • Use sunblock for your hair
  • Wear a hat preferably one with an ultraviolet protective factor (UPF)

4. Pool & Ocean 🌊

The summer is known for ocean and pool time! While water is great for your hair, the salt and chemicals from these activities can bring your hair into chaos mode.

“Let us live like wildflowers, wild and beautiful, and drenched in the sun,” Ellen Everett 

Chlorine strips your hair of natural oils and can turn blondes into a broccoli head. This green tint is from protein in your hair shaft binding with copper molecules and other pool chemicals. Salt from the ocean simply dehydrates your hair. When it is hot out your hair is desperate for moisture, but can’t tell good moisture from bad. To make the chlorine absorption less, pre moisturize your hair. This can be done with a leave-in conditioner or getting your hair wet before getting in.

5. Change Your Hairstyle 💇‍♀️

Our last summer hair tip is, don’t put it up in the same style every day. Yes, Long hair is gorgeous! Sadly during the summer, it can overheat you, making you want to put it up.  If you put your hair up in the same style this will cause continuous stress on the same part of your hair giving you breakage. This tip is simple, have fun with the up does and change it up from a braid, low ponytail, bun, braid to a ponytail, and anything you can think of. 

While soaking in the freedom of summer remember to moisture, moisture, moisture those luscious locks with our summer hair tips.

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