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There are preventative measures we can all take to ensure we have the most longevity when it comes to our hair. 

Here are 5 of the worst things you’re doing to your hair!


1. Turn down the heat! 🔥

A hairdryer is an amazing tool that has been around for decades in the beauty industry. The issue with using these tools is that if not done correctly or too often it can cause substantial damage to your hair long-term. Especially using high heat on damp hair. The ideal temperature for your hairdryer should be 365 degrees or lower to ensure better styling and prevent damage.

2. Brushing right out of the shower 💧

When you get out of the shower you might be tempted to brush right away, but this should be avoided. The reason being is that when your hair is wet and damp it’s not only heavier than usual but can also tangle easier. When you brush your hair like this you can cause hair strands to break unnecessarily. It’s actually more effective to brush prior to your shower to make the washing process easier and avoid tangling afterward. A small change in routine can have lasting effects on your hair health!

3. Coloring & highlighting too frequently 💇‍♀️

We all love to try new things! Coloring and highlighting are fun ways to try out new styles for our hair, but we should be mindful of how often we are doing it. Studies have shown that excessive use of chemicals in the hair can not only damage your hair long-term but also cause issues with your scalp amongst other things. Not to worry though Everything in moderation!

4. Washing your hair too often 🚿

It may sound unusual, but when it comes to washing our hair we should be careful how often. When we overwash our hair we risk getting rid of the natural oils our hair makes to keep it healthy and beautiful. Over-washing may result in dry, dull-looking hair. While neglecting to wash our hair periodically can cause skin issues, hair damage, and hygiene problems.

5. Everybody loves some sunshine 🌞

Like our skin, our hair can be affected by sunlight in negative ways. With that said don’t be shy about getting your vitamin D from the beautiful sunshine, but be mindful about how long you are exposing your locks. It’s always a smart idea to keep a stylish hat around! Unprotected sun exposure for long periods of time can leave your hair looking and feeling dry and malnourished.

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